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Wall-mounted Bike Rack

Why Ergo Bike Racks?

Dear Prospective Customer

The truth is we are just another option. We just happen to believe we are one of the best choices you have if you are thinking about an elegant, furniture-like wooden bike rack. We believe the joy we feel when riding our bicycles doesn't need to stop when we are back home. It just needs to be transformed!

We don't know about you, but we can't stand seeing bicycles being thrown on a curb, laying against a wall prompted to slide and fall, and certainly can't appreciate any damage to the bicycle's frame. Our solution... store the bicycle vertically! Unfortunately, we found some issues with the wall hooks we found on the market. First, the bike must be lifted to the height of the hook - not an easy task for some people... you can ask my wife! Besides that, you have to tilt the wheel to make sure the hook gets in the right place between the spokes and to be careful to avoid any scratches on your rim when using a non-coated hook. Last, but not least, we really didn't enjoy the look of those hooks and hangers.

As an engineer, I decided to do something about it and came up with a design I thought it was worth to patent and I did. After that, ERGO BIKE RACKS was born. Our wooden bike rack designs fulfilled our expectations in terms of aesthetics and more importantly function - no more lifting involve. We invite you to stay longer, take a look around, read about our racks special features, or contact us if having any question.

David Vineyard

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