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Wall-mounted Bike Rack - Upper Detail View
Vertical Bicycle Storage Rack - Front View
Wooden Bicycle Rack - Side View

Vertical Wall-mounted Bike Rack

Ergo-BKR Retractable Maple Stained

$ 199.95

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sculptural work of art, decorative piece of furniture, perfect bicycle storage solution? One thing is for sure, our Retractable Bicycle Storage Rack incorporates both form and function. Our "patented" Wall-mounted Folding Bike Rack features a thoughtful and attractive design that makes it suitable for small spaces like apartments. You store your bicycle vertically, and collapse or retract the rack inwards upon itself when not in use. This Space-saving Indoor Bike Rack features a medium brown stain over solid Maple hardwood, sourced from managed forests here in the USA. All wooden components are 100% solid Maple hardwood for both attractiveness and strength. Fasteners are stainless steel for a rust-free long life. And your beloved bike is held safe with our patented safety strap that keeps it in the rack just in case of an unforeseen event.

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