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Ergonomic No-lift Bike Rack
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Ergonomic No-lift
Bicycle Storage Racks!

Wooden Wall-mounted Bike Racks

ERGO BIKE RACKS offers beautifully crafted bicycle storage solutions featuring an easy-to-use ergonomic no-lift design. You can conveniently and safely store a bicycle of most any size, design, or shape in a vertical configuration by rolling the bike's front wheel into the bike rack's arms. This practical and sophisticated design does not use any hooks that can damage or mar the finish of the bicycle frame or the wheel rims. The only contact that the bicycle will experience is where the front wheel is cradled into the rack and is held in position with gravity. All of our wall bike racks include a safety strap to secure the wheel to the rack in order to prevent the bicycle from being accidentally pulled out.


Elegant Vertical Bike Racks - Rigid Style

  • An indoor bike rack featuring a medium Cherry stain over genuine Cherry hardwood

    Ergo-BKR Rigid

    Medium Cherry

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  • A wooden bike rack featuring a two-tone finish of both medium and light Maple stain

    Ergo-BKR Rigid

    Two-tone Maple

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  • An unfinished, but lightly sanded bicycle rack crafted from solid and veneer Cherry hardwood

    Ergo-BKR Rigid

    Unfinished Cherry

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