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Wall-mounted Bike Rack - Upper Detail View
Vertical Bicycle Storage Rack - Front View
Wooden Bicycle Rack - Side View

Vertical Wall-mounted Bike Rack

Ergo-BKR Rigid Medium Cherry

$ 159.95    -   On Sale $ 119.95

Store your bike in style with the slightly rustic design and exclusive geometric shape of this Vertical Wall-mounted Bike Rack. A beautifully crafted bicycle storage solution designed with ease of use in mind: no-lift required. Simply roll the bicycle's front wheel over the rack's front cross bar until it is settled. This Wooden Bike Rack features a medium Cherry stain over genuine Cherry hardwood sourced from U.S.A. domestic forests, stainless steel hardware, and a patented safety retention strap. Both the wall plate and the two round cross-spacers are 100% solid Cherry hardwood and the two profile side plates are 3/4"-thick Cherry veneer plywood.

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