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Bike Rack with an Ergonomic No-lift Design

Ergo Bike Racks Special Features

Beautifully Crafted Wooden Bike Racks
for Indoor Storage

If you are looking for an attractive and clever way to store your beloved bicycle, we may be able to help. Our wall-mounted bike racks are crafted from solid hardwood and hardwood veneer of either Cherry, Maple, Baltic Birch, or a combination thereof. Each model features an exclusive geometric shape that marries form and function while blending easily with any traditional or contemporary home decor.

Easy-to-use Ergonomic No-lift Design

Our space saving bike racks are designed with ease of use in mind. Its vertical design allows you to slide the bike into the cradle-like position by just gently rolling the front wheel over the front cross bar which is the leading horizontal structure attaching the cradle arms until it is settled and resting upon both front and back cross bars. That's it!

Thoughtful Vertical Design to Minimized Common Damages

The vertical configuration of our racks is convenient because it stores your bicycle in a manner that is space-friendly and gentle on you and the bike itself. Only the front tire of the bike contacts the bicycle rack. It doesn't have any hooks that can cause paint chips or scratches to the finish of the bicycle frame or any damage to the wheel rims. It also provides a safe proper clearance around delicate mechanical hardware components.

Sophisticated Indoor Bicycle Storage Solution

We understand getting your bicycle off the floor and out of the way is a priority when you want to store it inside. Our bicycle storage rack is the perfect apartment bike rack due to its space-saving, elegant and functional design. Because the bicycle is stored vertically, valuable floor space is open. Its furniture-like design will complement the aesthetics of any living space perfectly. Last but not least, our bicycle storage solution features a Retention Safety Strap that prevents the bicycle from being accidentally pulled out of the rack.

Versatile Bike Rack Design for Different Size Bicycles

Our wall-mounted bike rack safely stores a bicycle of most any size, design, or shape because the rack only contacts the bicycle at the front wheel. The cradle arms and cross bars can fit any size bicycle from 24-inch wheels to 29-inch wheels.

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