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Ergo Bike Racks
"Made in USA" Commitment

Ergo Bike Racks is dedicated to manufacturing our products locally from domestically-sourced materials. Doing so supports our quest to minimize the carbon footprint of our actions and our products. Our wall mount bike racks are designed, manufactured, and assembled right here in the United States.

Whenever possible, the wood used in our wall bike racks are "FSC®" (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified from USA-domestic sources. At a minimum, all wood products used to create our indoor bicycle racks and accessories come from managed forest sources, and we select the species of wood based upon thoroughly researched availability. We avoid wood species that are threatened or in limited quantities. We source our hardware materials from local domestic vendors, some of which do have factories overseas. The heavy-duty structural wood screws provided with each rack are made right here in America. Plus, we also use environmentally friendly materials such as the 100% cotton webbing in the strap used for securing the bike.

Throughout our entire process, we strive to reduce our transportation and environmental impact, while channeling jobs to the local manufacturing community.

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